Company Introduction
Shenzhen Zheng Dongxing Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen City. It’s devoted to the development of high-end chip system. It provides overall technology and product solutions for all kinds of manufacturers in the industry chain. It was founded in April 2009, and its headquarters is located in Shenzhen software industry base. Since it was establishment, it has focused on Samsung chip system’s independent research and development. Our company has accumulated a number of core technologies in key areas such as: system customization, system optimization, multimedia, HTML5, security technology, and many other mobile operating systems, etc. Nowadays, it has become Samsung’ the most important technology partner in the field of chip in China.

Shenzhen City is Dongxing Communications Equipment Co., Ltd

Zheng Dongxing ‘s core technology is based on the high quality chip to complete core board design and manufacturing that is the "chip + operating system + core algorithm", in order to solve the core component of intelligent terminal products for global customers. The company has customers who have domestic and foreign high-quality and stable intelligent hardware brand. It provide customers with intelligent terminal products’ R & D, production, logistics and other quality services in the whole industry chain by strong resource integration capabilities.

The company is an industry that is highly dependent on technology. Technological innovation that is based on the operating system has been one of the company's core strategies. In the future, the company will continue intelligent terminal operating system industry chain’s upstream and downstream. It will strengthen or introduce frontier technologies such as sensing technology, mobile application development, mobile security, industry application terminal technology, visual field technology, etc. It will also enhance innovation ability, cultivate the core competitiveness of subdivision field.
The company is one of the earliest companies that engaged in the development of Android system on the Samsung series processors. It possesses the comprehensive technical ability of Android system, which includes drive technology, communication protocol stack, graphics and image processing, operator certification, kernel technology, security technology, power management, Bluetooth protocol stack, etc. Especially communication protocol stack, graphics and image processing and kernel technology have a very obvious technical advantage in the Samsung platform graphics compression technology, video coding, decoding algorithm, multi channel wireless communication RIL interactive construction and other fields.
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